Having fun with technology and improving you and your child’s brain

Would you like to play a game with your child that develops and supports your brain and your child’s? I’ve been playing a game with our son for the past week and it is fun, educational and challenging and I can see how it’s helping our brain to think better! Cameron and I are really good with the pattern recognition games … we flew through those ‘easy as’… BUT …not so fast with the other games. We have had to be persistent to get the results… and many we’ve yet to master! So let me tell you about how I learned about Brainware Safari game.

I recently interviewed Roger Stark and Betsy Hill from the BrainWare Company about The BrainWare SAFARI game. They explained how helps to improve learning, memory, attention, self-regulation and focus which helps increase learning performance and even affects behaviour management and offered Cameron and I the game. The interview comes out in a few days – at http://webtalkradio.net/internet-talk-radio/win-win-parenting/ in the meantime why not follow the link and listen to my other great interviews with parenting experts.

I’ve been offered a generous special discount for my Win Win Parenting community so I wanted to share it with you. Don’t miss out on the SPECIAL offer - limited time only $100 DISCOUNT see more below.

There are research studies that have explored the effectiveness of the BrainWare SAFARI game and they show that you can use fun technology to help your child improve their attention, memory and ability to learn. You can also play the game to maintain a healthy brain right through to old age by keeping your brain in good condition.

Children love playing games using technology, actually so do adults. However, we know that too much technology or the wrong kinds of games can actually harm rather than help our brains and therefore the quality of life. What if you could find a way to swap the harmful technology with a fun and engaging technology that is good for you and your child’s brain? That would be a win win right?

The BrainWare SAFARI game can help adults and children to develop 41 skills across six areas and improve:

  • focus and attention
  • memory
  • thinking
  • auditory processing
  • visual processing
  • sensory integration

Basically, while you’re playing games with your children you can both improve your brain and a healthy brain makes for life success at school, work and home. The game is suitable for children aged 6 years to 106 years – Roger and Betsy explained that they say 106 years as they haven’t had a 107 year old ask about the program yet! LOL And they also said it is valuable for children with ADD and ADHD.

So, there are only a few days left…

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