Effective parenting: don’t worry about what others think and focus on what your child needs!

Be honest – how many times have you focused on what the neighbour, some stranger or a family member thinks about your child and about your parenting? Learn why this causes you to stress, makes you a less effective parent…and get great parenting tips and positive parenting advice.

Have you found at times that despite you not wanting too – you sometimes parent the same way your parents and grandparents parented you? In this interview, we’ll explore how parenting has changed by looking at the things your parents & grandparents said about raising kids.

  • big boys don't cry,
  • Be quiet – what will the neighbours think or what will the neighbours say

Join Dr Robyn Mills and Dr Rosina McAlpine in exploring a life skills approach to parenting. What effect does “big boys don’t cry” on our children as they grow and right into adulthood. By not worrying about what others will think and instead focussing on what you and your child need in the moment makes you a much more effective parent!  Learn more in this interview…


This show is the second part of our series on how parenting has changed. Last week we focused on our parents and grandparents said about food - you know:

  • Clean your plate as there are starving kids in Ethiopia.
  • If you eat all your dinner you get dessert etc…

BUT what habits does that set up in life? Do you eat everything off your plate even though you’re full? Do we want our children to override their body’s natural ability to stop eating when we’re full?

Do we want kids to associate eating good food with eating dessert? Eating in front of the TV? Obesity in Kids.

There are so many insights in the interview about helping your kids form great habits around eating and being healthy for kids and the whole family!

Here is the link if you missed it.



Inspired Children - Life Skills E Book Series

Inspired Children - Life Skills E Book Series