Creating an inspiring and empowering vision for parenthood and for your family

Do you have a vision for Parenthood your for Children? If you said no, most people would agree with you. It’s crazy really, as you’d never build a house without a plan or blueprint. You don’t sit in your car and start driving to a new place without putting the destination in the GPS.

You’d never have a wedding without a year or more of preparation to make that one special day. BUT how much time have you planned for your children and your family? So, what is your vision for your family? Do you have a plan, goals or a vision for your family and your children? If not, why not? Are you just trying to “wing it” and hope for the best?

What if you could set a goal easily and have a vision that you can create for your family rather than leaving your family’s happiness to chance! So if your vision is to have work-life balance and to raise happy, healthy, well-balanced and capable children… you’ll find this episode of the Inspired Children Program in the Difference radio with Dr Robyn Mills and Dr Rosina McAlpine

Anyone who has achieved something great in life started with an inspiring vision. Ghandi had a vision of peace,  Martin Luther King Jn's powerful speech began with "I have a dream". Oprah Winfry, said "As a young child, I had a vision, not of what I wanted to accomplish, but I knew that my current circumstances would change." and of course change they have. These are just some of the many people who we admire and have fulfilled or continue to live their inspirational visions.

So what is your vision of parenthood? What are your hopes and dreams for your children? How are you going to achieve them if you don’t work out what they are? 

We know from research that people who have written down goals are more likely to achieve them than those who don't. Think of something you have achieved in your life that you are proud of. Did you hold the vision of its completion and the rewards in your mind? Were you inspired to get up every day and do one more thing that would get you closer to your achieving your goal? And then one day you came to the realisation that "you did it"... all the hard work and effort paid off.

If we are unclear about our vision of parenthood and our vision for our children, we will just continue to muddle our way through without a clear direction or purpose. We leave our children's future to chance! You can create an inspiring vision board for the family and learn practical strategies to make your dreams a reality as part of your everyday family life!

If you want to have an inspirational vision of parenthood - one where you see yourself empowering your children with all of the skills they need to navigate life safely, successfully and joyfully then join Dr Robyn Mills and Dr Rosina McAlpine as they explore this topic and share their own hopes and dreams for parenthood, grandparent hood and for their children

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