Do babies and children really need sunglasses? Yes! Dr Katrina Chim explains why

A few months ago I was out walking with my family and overheard a boy saying to his mother “mum the sun hurts my eyes. Can I have sun glasses?” His mother replied “Kids don’t need sunglasses.” I notice that she was wearing sunglasses and that her son was squinting. When I looked around I notice that my son and very few other children were wearing sun glasses.

So, I decided to investigate. I dropped into my wonderful local optometrist, Proview Optical in Chatswood, NSW to consult with the experts. One of their optometrists, Dr Katrina Chim, kindly agreed to be interviewed so I could find out more about children and sunglasses.

In this interview Dr Katrina offers sound advice for good eye health for children in the age range of toddlers to teenagers. In this interview you’ll find out:

  1. Why your child needs to wear sunglasses as part of good eye health and
  2. How UV rays can hurt your child’s eyes both in the short term and long term
  3. Why children who don’t protect their eyes are more prone to age related eye diseases
  4. Choosing the best sunglasses
  5. Why sunglasses are just one part of overall sun protection for your children.

This is such an important interview, for your child’s eye health, so please find a few minutes to listen.

Health and Wellbeing

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