Are today’s children really spoiled, selfish and entitled?

There are regular claims in the press that today's kids are spoiled, self-centred, entitled, selfish and even narcissistic. And that this is because of over-protective ‘helicopter’ parents who are too permissive! To find out if there is any scientific evidence of this Dr Rosina McAlpine interviews Mr Alfie Kohn on his recent book The myth of the spoiled child.

Mr. Alfie Kohn is the author of thirteen books and numerous articles on human behaviour, education, and parenting. He speaks at education conferences, universities, corporations and parent groups. For more information about Mr Kohn’s work see

One of the reason’s I really value Mr Kohn’s work is that he uses a research-based approach. He takes ideas from popular culture and explores whether there is any scientific proof.

In this interview you'll:

  1. Learn whether there is any truth to the claim that kids today are "spoiled"
  2. Gain practical advice on how to support your children to grow into happy, healthy and well-balanced individuals
  3. Understand what it means to be an unconditional parent and why it is important for your child’s self esteem.

Listen to the Interview here

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