Proactive versus Reactive Parenting

How to decrease the ‘fires’ in your home -with Dr Rosina and Dr Robyn 

Episode 3

Welcome to episode 3 of our online parenting TV show. In this episode we explore how you can develop your parenting and grand parenting knowledge and skills to become a proactive rather than a reactive parent. Are you constantly flaring up and putting out fires in your home? What if you could anticipate the problems and help your children learn how to do the right thing so you can decrease the yelling? Just as fire services prepares our bush land and homes to prevent catastrophic bush fires, as a parent can prevent various crises with your children by being proactive and building strategies for kids. Before your child gets too overweight, makes bad choices, loses good friends or is bullied you can help your kids to develop and build life skills and problem solving skills. This way you can teach them how to act responsibly and make good decisions in their every day lives. In this show you will be inspired to learn new ways to parent and grand parent. By teaching your children how to behave in early childhood, through building positive and cooperative attitudes and problem solving strategies you are more likely to prevent more dangerous issues occurring in adolescence or adulthood. Prevention is definitely better than trying to find a solution when a problem is out of control. So join Dr Rosina and Dr Robyn - the two Dr's and learn how to be your 'personal best' parent or grand parent and support your children to live happy and healthy lives ... making good decisions. To join us register on the link below. If you miss the show by registering you'll get to listen to the replay! Give your child the gift of skills for life!

Dr Rosina McAlpine

Dr Rosina McAlpine (PhD) is an author and parenting educator providing easy to follow practical parenting advice based on the latest research into child development. Dr Rosina hosts a parenting TV show, writes a popular blog and has had numerous articles published in national magazines. Her press citations include ABC, FOX, NBS and CBS. Parents feel empowered to help their children develop life skills like good self esteem, communications skills, resilience, a positive attitude, good nutrition, stress management and emotional intelligence so they can to overcome life’s challenges and succeed.

Dr Robyn Mills

Dr Robyn Mills (PhD) is an inspirational public speaker, actress, singer/entertainer, marriage celebrant and artist living her vision to make a heart-felt difference in the world through her work. Her focus is on engaging, energising and expanding the goodness in humanity’s heart through her experience, wisdom and intuition.