Practical advice for parents and teens

Teenage years can be very volatile. It is a time when parents and teens can feel like they are in opposition and can’t find a connection! There’s so much going on inside a teenager physically, emotionally and psychologically that things can feel out of control and can get out of control in a flash.

Parents can be on the receiving end of emotional outbursts like “I hate you!” “I hate myself!” “My life sucks” “Everyone is always against me” “Can’t you just leave me alone?” These are common feelings for teens who are trying to find their way in the world – where they are torn between breaking away from their parents and becoming independent as well as wanting to be part of a social group.

It can be so confusing for everyone and it’s a huge challenge for a parent to stay calm during explosive times when you know you’re doing the best you can with a busy and stressful life and then your child is rude, disrespectful and unappreciative!

Join Dr Rosina as she discusses with Tracy Tresidder practical advice for parents and teens.