Stress during pregnancy can harm your baby - Part 1

Life is really busy, right? While busy can be exciting, more often than not it also leads to a lot of stress! We all know that prolonged stress is harmful for our health and it’s estimated that 95% of all diseases stem from stress. What many pregnant women may not know is that stress during pregnancy can also be harmful to their babies. Research shows that when mums-to-be experience stressful pregnancies, there is an increased likelihood that their children will develop physical, behavioural and emotional problems.Dr Monique Robinson has been researching this area for over a decade and shares her research in Chapter 2 of my book Inspired Children: How the leading minds of today raise their kids.

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Stress during pregnancy can harm your baby - Part 2

I recently interviewed Dr Robinson on the Inspired Children radio program where she shared her research on the negative impact of stress in pregnancy as well as ways to help pregnant mothers reduce their stress. 

Dr Robinson shares her insights into early detection and support for children with physical, behavioural and emotional issues.

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