How do the leading minds of today raise their kids

Have you ever wondered how the leading minds of today raise their children.


Dr Rosina shares the latest research in child development and parenting from her book - Inspired Children: how the leading minds of today raise their kids in an interview with Themis Thomas.

Learn how you can give your baby the best genetic start in life, how stress in pregnancy can affect a child right up into adolescence, the latest findings on supporting baby health and development, how to help your child develop key life skills like emotional intelligence and good self esteem and much more.

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Dr Rosina interviewed about her Parenting Course

Dr Rosina talk's about Inspired Children parenting course, a life skills program designed to inspire parents to embrace and enjoy navigating every-day parenting situations and to help their children to know their own hearts and minds and live their dreams. In subsequent shows, Dr Rosina will interview experts from around the globe to talk about the latest research into parenting and child development.