Your Parenting Style: How it Affects Your Partner and Your Child

Your Parenting Style: How it Affects Your Partner and Your Child

Calling all “Helicopter Parents,  Tiger Mums,  Bulldozer Parents, Workaholic Dads and Free Range Parents…”

Are you an easy going kind of parent or do you like to run a ‘tight ship’ and keep everyone and everything in order? And what about your partner are they the same or completely different and if they’re different does it drive you crazy sometimes? You say to your child “no snacks until after dinner” and you turn around and your partner is munching on a chocolate bar and sharing it with your child!

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Your Child's first Job: Six steps to self-confidence and success

Your Child's first Job: Six steps to self-confidence and success

This show is about giving your child the best chance at employment success. Is your child clear on what they want to do as a career? Are they doing all the right things to get that dream job? Does your child feel confident to get employment? Does your child have a challenge or disability? In today’s job market, it’s not always easy transitioning from school to work. So what can parents do to help?

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Time Out: a Close Look at the Potential Harms of this Modern-Day Parenting Strategy

Time Out: a Close Look at the Potential Harms of this Modern-Day Parenting Strategy

Time-out has become a popular approach to parenting, choosing it as a ‘better’ alternative to smacking. However there is evidence that this parenting tool is more complex than many parents think and some experts even consider that time-out can be a harmful practice.

Dr Rosina, entertaining and educational parenting expert and Dr Robyn Mills, psychologist and inspirational speaker, explore the in’s and out’s of time-out.

In this interview you’ll learn:

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Busy Parents: Find More Time at Work, at Home and With the Kids

Busy Parents: Find More Time at Work, at Home and With the Kids

Are you feeling like you’re always on the go with never enough time to get things done, chasing that elusive work-life balance that we’re all seeking to achieve?

What would work-life balance mean for you?  What are you really looking for when we say you want more work-life balance?  To help you answer all of these questions, join Dr Rosina as she interviews Mitzi Weinman, creator of Time Finder and author of It’s About Time!: Transforming Chaos into Calm A to Z.

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Making and Raising Healthy Babies

Are you:

Thinking about having a baby?

Trying to have a baby?

Pregnant  OR

Do you already have a baby you’re taking care of now?

Listen in as Dr Rosina interviews Jan Roberts who is an expert in preconception, pregnancy and baby. Jan is an author and authority on all things baby.

Mindfulness for better parenting and calmer families - Audio

Mindfulness for better parenting and calmer families - Audio

Do you find that even with the best intentions to stay calm with your children, before you know it you are annoyed or even angry and yelling at something they have done ?

“HURRY UP! Get ready we’re running LATE AGAIN!”

“Don’t you speak to me with that DISRESPECTFUL TONE!”

“How MANY TIMES do I have to say the SAME THING? Will you EVER learn?”

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When bribing, rewarding & punishing your kids doesn't work, read this...

Parenting can be challenging and maybe you're spending more time disciplining & punishing, than enjoying your kids. What if you could get your kids to listen & to cooperate without yelling or bribing? Many family issues result in fights because your kids don't have the skills to manage day-to-day activities. You can take the pain out of parenting by teaching your children to manage their emotions, communicate effectively, resolve conflict, develop a love of learning and much more. With the 15 minute activities in these life skills ebooks you can help your children develop good self-esteem,  manage anger, resolve conflicts, be respectful, develop a love of learning and much more. Don't leave your child's life success up to chance... life skills make a real difference in your child's life success... Learn more about the Win Win Parenting ebooks


Teach your kids to be proactive problem solvers so they’re safe and happy

Teach your kids to be proactive problem solvers so they’re safe and happy

Parents love their children and so when they see their kids struggle it's natural to want to jump in and help. BUT, this is not always helpful as it teaches them to rely on others to "save them" or to tell them what to do. Here are some valuable parenting tips:

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How Your Beliefs about Parenting Affect How You Parent

Our Beliefs play a huge role in our lives because they affect how we act in the world. Here are some examples of negative beliefs that clearly shape how we act and our life experiences:

  1. I'm not deserving of love
  2. I can't speak in public
  3. I have a terrible singing voice
  4. I'm a terrible parent
  5. If you give kids an inch they'll take an arm ...

Dr Robyn Mills from the Difference Radio and Dr Rosina McAlpine explore some of the many beliefs about parenting and child development looking (listen here) at how they impact the lives of parents and kids. Positive beliefs inspire positive actions just as negative beliefs can result in hurtful actions and unhappiness.

Every parent, teacher, grandparent will come away from the discussion with tools to explore their own beliefs and learn how to choose positive beliefs that empower parents and children to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives. Hope you can join us.

Helping Kids Learn How to Be Healthy

Good health is a great foundation upon which to build a great life. The press is filled with scary news about how our children are obese and unhealthy. So as a parent what can you do to help your kids learn about how to be healthy? One important part of child development is instilling knowledge and good habits around eating and exercise. What kids learn about health when they are young will help them throughout their whole life.

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Interview with Ray Erickson

Want to know more about raising teens? Join Dr Rosina as she interviews Ray Erickson who has over 30 years experience working with teenagers. In his new book Ten Tips to Tame Your Teen - Ray explains his time tested ways to help parents raise socially conscious, self-assured and productive young adults. Ray’s Ten Tips are supported by the latest research on teenage brains such as featured in the October, 2011 National Geographic. 

Since humor is a cornerstone of Ray’s work whether he is working with teens, parents or speaking to a group, get ready to be educated and entertained! 

Interview with Annie Fox

Join Dr Rosina as she interviews Annie Fox, an internationally known teen expert and award-winning author. Her books include: Teen Survival Guide to Dating and RelatingToo Stressed to Think? and the Middle School Confidential™ series. Annie is a relationship counselor  who answers emails from teens from around the world. Learn about common teen concerns and problems and most importantly how to support them. There is often a disconnect when it comes to teenagers and their parents.

Parents of teens can learn how to improve their relationship with their sons/daughters. Annie will also discuss her views on the bigger social issues like how our choices matter and what we model for our children (as parents, educators and creators of media) influences their behavior in profound and often unconscious ways. Annie explain how if it is our intention to raise and educate a generation of young people who are socially responsible, then we need to prioritise compassion, friendship as well as justice. 

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Interview with Yvonne Sum

Dr Rosina interviews the very dynamic parenting expert Dr Yvonne Sum. Yvonne will share her insights based on her ideas that parents are leaders and that parenting is a learning partnership between parents and kids. Learn more about her program - the 7R's of parenting which includes:

Role modeling, Respect, Rules, Routine, Review and Reflect, Reorganise, Running-it- Response-ability

Dr Yvonne Sum Please join us for another informative and fun interview as we learn more about parenting and child development. 

How do the leading minds of today raise their kids

Have you ever wondered how the leading minds of today raise their children.


Dr Rosina shares the latest research in child development and parenting from her book - Inspired Children: how the leading minds of today raise their kids in an interview with Themis Thomas.

Learn how you can give your baby the best genetic start in life, how stress in pregnancy can affect a child right up into adolescence, the latest findings on supporting baby health and development, how to help your child develop key life skills like emotional intelligence and good self esteem and much more.

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Dr Rosina interviewed about her Parenting Course

Dr Rosina talk's about Inspired Children parenting course, a life skills program designed to inspire parents to embrace and enjoy navigating every-day parenting situations and to help their children to know their own hearts and minds and live their dreams. In subsequent shows, Dr Rosina will interview experts from around the globe to talk about the latest research into parenting and child development.