Tools and tips to overcome guilt, anger, judgement & criticism when parenting

Do you find yourself frustrated… escalating to anger and even rage with your children?

Does that lead to feelings of guilt and self criticism?

We all know that parenting has its joys but it also has its challenges. In this show, Dr Robyn Mills interviews Dr Rosina McAlpine to explore why and how being a parent can trigger:

  • Anger and even rage
  • Judgement
  • Criticism
  • Guilt
  • Frustration
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Communication Skills and Relationships

People are inherently social beings. We seek to connect with each other in our personal and professional lives. The Inspired Children program activities help your child learn essential communication skills that will enable them to interact with family and friends in a productive, harmonious and enjoyable way. They will learn how to cooperate and work in a group as well as understand when to lead and when to follow. Other valuable social skills include how to avoid unnecessary conflict and how to be a good communicator and listener. The ability to nurture friendships and build relationships is essential for creating a happy, harmonious and productive life.

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