Turn Tantrums and Sibling Rivalry into Skills for Life

Turn Tantrums and Sibling Rivalry into Skills for Life

Do your toddlers, young children or teens have trouble managing their emotions?

Do your children fight with their siblings and engage in sibling rivalry?

If you answered yes to any of those questions then please join me, Dr Rosina McAlpine and my dear friend Dr Robyn Mills as we explore the many practical tools you can use to turn tantrums and fights into a learning opportunity to teach your children many life skills like:

  •  emotional intelligence: understanding and managing their emotions
  •  social responsibility: being caring and sharing people

Interview can be heard here

OK, we all know that siblings fight and we all know that children can have difficulty managing their big emotions like anger, jealousy and fear, SO, let’s not see this as a negative thing BUT see it in a positive light. You might be sceptical right? Stay with me - how about we reframe these difficult times as opportunities we can use to teach our children how to get on in life, whether they are toddlers or teenagers.

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