How Your Beliefs about Parenting Affect How You Parent

Our Beliefs play a huge role in our lives because they affect how we act in the world. Here are some examples of negative beliefs that clearly shape how we act and our life experiences:

  1. I'm not deserving of love
  2. I can't speak in public
  3. I have a terrible singing voice
  4. I'm a terrible parent
  5. If you give kids an inch they'll take an arm ...

Dr Robyn Mills from the Difference Radio and Dr Rosina McAlpine explore some of the many beliefs about parenting and child development looking (listen here) at how they impact the lives of parents and kids. Positive beliefs inspire positive actions just as negative beliefs can result in hurtful actions and unhappiness.

Every parent, teacher, grandparent will come away from the discussion with tools to explore their own beliefs and learn how to choose positive beliefs that empower parents and children to live happy, healthy and meaningful lives. Hope you can join us.