EDUCATION, CAREER and MONEY -  Life Skills eBook

Importance of the Education, Career and Money life skills for children

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Your children’s education will have a huge impact on their lives. Learning new things makes life dynamic and interesting and so the motivation to learn and the ability to learn are valuable personal attributes for a child. Learning helps children make more informed decisions and can support career development and financial freedom. The activities in this Life Skills Home Activity Book can help your child develop a love for learning; an understanding about how to manage money and stimulate their interest in exploring possible life and career directions. Developing your child’s life skills around education, careers and money will give them a strong platform for life success. Helping children understand the opportunities that developing effective learning strategies can bring and how learning provides the vehicle for personal and professional development are fundamental to developing a positive attitude to learning at the individual level and a skilled workforce at the national level. 

Benefits of the Education, Career and Money life skills for children

The benefits of the Education, Careers and Money life skills are many. Introducing your child to a range of vocations and possible career directions will help motivate them to learn and to choose the right subjects to study. Learning about different jobs people do helps younger children to understand how the world works. Research shows that the more education your child has, the higher their earnings are likely to be. This Life Skill Home Activity eBook helps your child learn about managing finances and money. Financial literacy is an important life skill. Imagine if your child left home and couldn’t budget, didn’t understand the value of money or couldn’t manage their debt. These are all key aspects of life that can provide children with skills and an understanding of how money affects them personally and its flow in society.

Here are the 12 activities that can help your child develop life skills around Education, Careers and Money:

LIFE SKILL 1: A love of learning

LIFE SKILL 2: Developing a positive attitude towards making mistakes

LIFE SKILL 3: Helping children understand the value of money: household spending

LIFE SKILL 4: An introduction to saving money

LIFE SKILL 5: Active learning versus passive learning

LIFE SKILL 6: Exploring why learning is important

LIFE SKILL 7: The importance of many different roles in life

LIFE SKILL 8: Exploring your possible future life directions

LIFE SKILL 9: Exploring the health and medical professions

LIFE SKILL 10: Benefits of active listening for learning

LIFE SKILL 11: Understanding the concept of ‘value-for-money’

LIFE SKILL 12: Planning and completing homework

Remember each activity only takes around 15 minutes to complete and you can complete them at your own pace at a time that suits you and your family’s lifestyle... Most importantly, imagine how good you’ll feel about the huge difference you’re making as a parent to your child’s education, career and their financial literacy.


This is your chance to empower your child and help them get the most from their studies and to find a fulfilling and successful career.