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A child’s diet and the amount of exercise they have play crucial roles in their physical and mental health. This life skill increases a child’s knowledge of nutrition and exercise and reduces the likelihood of childhood obesity and illness. Are you worried about your child’s health? Is your child eating the wrong foods and spending most of their time in front of a TV or computer and not getting any exercise?  Then you will find the Health and Wellbeing eBook a valuable resource. Are you always cleaning up after your children? Are you looking for new ways to get them to help around the home? We all know that children function better in a clean and tidy environment, and activities like the 15 minute clean up can be a powerful support for children to learn about order and cleanliness. Learning this is childhood will help them through their lives.

Importance of the Health and Wellbeing life skills for children

Every parent wants their child to be healthy and happy. However, a study in The Journal of the American Medical Association, shows that chronic childhood health issues, including asthma, obesity, behavioural and learning problems, have more than doubled over a 12 year period. Fortunately, most of these health problems are lifestyle related, so parents can improve their child’s wellbeing by changing their diet and engaging their child in a regular exercise program. The activities in this e-book provide parents with information and resources to support their child’s health and wellbeing.

A child’s diet and exercise play crucial roles in their physical, social and mental wellbeing. Do your children understand what a healthy diet includes and how to make a healthy snack? Are your children exercising regularly or do they spend most of their day sedentary in front of some kind of technology like a phone, tablet, computer or other electronic device?

Educating children about the impact of an unhealthy lifestyle on their wellbeing and empowering them with the knowledge and skills to eat well and exercise regularly is so important for good health. This will not only have a positive impact in their childhood but provides a strong platform for great health in adulthood as well.

We all know that people function more efficiently and effectively in a clean and tidy environment. This is true for our children as well. The Health and Wellbeing life skill activities help your child to understand and develop skills around personal, school and home tidiness and cleanliness as well as education in relation to exercise and nutrition. 

Benefits of the Health and Well-being life skills for kids

There are many benefits to helping your children improve their life skills around health and well-being. Research shows that increasing your child’s knowledge of the importance of good nutrition and exercise and their understanding the dangers of eating too much junk food and no exercise reduces the likelihood of childhood obesity and ill health.  The activities in the Health and Wellbeing life skills eBook will help you to create a healthy home environment.

More importantly, research shows that obesity during childhood increases your child’s chance of being obese in adulthood. Good eating habits that are developed in childhood tend to carry on throughout a person’s life. Giving your child the right start in life is likely to increase their life expectancy and their general health and wellbeing far into the future.

And it’s not just about good health, the activities in the Health and Wellbeing eBook help your child learn how to keep their home and study environment clean and tidy. This is so important and we all know that a child can function more effectively in a clean and tidy environment and these activities can set up good habits for the school years and for life.

There is a lot of research that shows a child’s health impacts on their social and intellectual development as well as their general wellbeing. Being overweight can attract bullying and teasing as well as illness and days off school, so it affects friendships and learning. The benefits of completing the Health and Wellbeing life skill activities are that they increase your child’s knowledge and skills around nutrition and exercise and if put into practice, will reduce the likelihood of childhood obesity and other lifestyle related diseases like type II diabetes and fatty liver disease.

A healthy start in life supports your child’s achievement at school, success with social relationships and not only impacts your child’s general wellbeing now but also in the future and even their children’s future. You can read more about this in chapter one of my book Inspired Children: how the leading minds of today’s raise their kids ( parenting-book), Bruce Lipton PhD, a cell biologist, discusses how the new science of epigenetics explains that a child’s wellbeing can have an impact their own children. What this means is that your child’s current good eating habits will not only benefit them today but can have a positive impact on their children for generations to come. Conversely, poor lifestyle choices as a child will not only have a negative impact on your child, but can impact your child’s children and even have a negative affect their children’s children. Sounds like science fiction, however, research studies report it to be true. So what can parents do to support their child’s health now and the future generations in their family?

Each day we read stories in the news about children’s decreasing physical and mental wellbeing. The increasing statistics of childhood obesity leads to so many problems like type II diabetes, heart disease and fatty liver disease as well as the heartbreak of being teased and judged at school. This is frightening for any parent! The activities in the Health and Wellbeing home activity e-book cover simple ways you can help your child understand more about the importance of exercise and good nutrition as well as the areas of personal and school/home cleanliness.

Here are the twelve vital activities to help your child develop life skills around Health and Wellbeing:

The 12 activities in the Health and Wellbeing Home Activity eBook include:

LIFE SKILL 1: The 15 minute clean up

LIFE SKILL 2: The importance of variety in food as part of a healthy diet

LIFE SKILL 3: Household cleanliness: doing the dishes with a difference!

LIFE SKILL 4: Eating well for good health

LIFE SKILL 5: The benefits of stretching

LIFE SKILL 6: A before bed routine to prepare for the next day

LIFE SKILL 7: Healthy snacking

LIFE SKILL 8: Playing team sports – more than just good health

LIFE SKILL 9: ‘Treats’, ‘Weekend Food’ and ‘Sometimes Food’

LIFE SKILL 10: Relaxation for general wellbeing

LIFE SKILL 11: Chewing food correctly

LIFE SKILL 12: Health benefits of being in nature

Remember each activity only takes around 15 minutes to complete and you can complete them at your own pace at a time that suits you and your family’s lifestyle... Most importantly, imagine how good you’ll feel about the huge difference you’re making as a parent to your child’s health and wellbeing. A healthy child can learn better and has more energy to live life to the fullest.


This is your chance to empower your child and provide the springboard for a healthy, happy and fulfilling life.