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Life skills approach to parenting...

Your child’s success depends on you …

Parents want the best for their children so they invest many years and thousands of dollars on their academic success. However, did you know that life skills, and not academic ability determine your child’s success?

Highly successful people in this world:

  • Have a powerful vision for their life’s purpose which inspires others.

  • Know who they are and have good self-esteem.

  • Are great communicators and develop loving relationships with family and friends and effective professional relationships for business success.

  • Are flexible, love challenges, and thrive in times of change and uncertainty.

  • Never give up and are resilient and bounce back after adversity.

  • Enjoy learning, growing and changing as a person with each life experience.

  • Take time out to relax, have fun and savour the good things in life.

  • Lead happy and fulfilling lives by giving back to the world in ways that warm their hearts and give meaning to life.

Your child’s success depends on you because you can help them to develop these and many more personal qualities and life skills they need for success. Life is filled with challenges and our kids need to manage conflicts with their friends and family, overcome bullying, anxiety and other social challenges at school. Dr Rosina's Life skills based parenting program, provides good parenting advice, develops your parenting skills and helps parents give their kids life skills to overcome difficulties and succeed in life.  

In the same way you helped your child to walk, talk, read and write you can support them to develop the many life skills they'll need across 7 key areas in life. In this way, like the highly successful people in the world, your child can go for and achieve their goals and live a happy and fulfilling life.

I know you're busy and perhaps this sounds like a lot of work. Don’t worry, each life skill activity takes only 15 minutes to complete. They're fun and you get to spend time teaching your kids how to succeed in life. I've done all of the research and hard work for you by developing these life skills activities so you can pass that on to your child and develop your parenting skills. 

E Books - Choose from a selection of 7 Ebooks on specific Life Skill areas including:

  1. Personal Power – self-esteem and resilience  

  2. Health and Wellbeing  

  3. Communication and Relationships  

  4. Education, Careers and Money  

  5. Social and Environmental Understanding  

  6. Relaxation and Play 

  7. Inspired Creativity


If you don't teach your kids life skills who will?

If your children don't have the life skills to get on in the world, how will they survive?

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