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Developing the skills to be a great parent

Join Dr Rosina McAlpine and Dr Robyn Mills as they explore how to develop the knowledge and skills to be a great parent (listen here).  You wouldn't drive a car without months of practice and reading the law in regard to driving on our roads.  You wouldn't go out on a professional football field without years of training and understanding the rules of the game.  You wouldn't cut someone's hair without instruction and experience ... yet most of us became parents and learnt our skills on the job and only got help if a crisis occurred.  

Developing the skills to be a great parent

Dr Rosina McAlpine became a parent 6 years ago and since then she's been researching the latest in child development and  parenting. You'll hear about the skills and knowledge parents need to be proactive in parenting rather than just reactive.  We all know that parenting is one of the most important roles in life, and the more tools and knowledge you have the easier and more enjoyable it is!


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