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Did you know? That parents who take care of themselves create a happier home environment for everyone.

Are you the kind of parent who seems to have time for the kids, your partner, your family, friends and your work … but no time for yourself? This is a common issue busy working parents face but it’s not good for anyone. Have you noticed how snappy, intolerant and irritable you can be when you don’t take care of yourself? You don’t need the research to tell you that if you’re tired, feeling unappreciated, and doing everything for everyone else and not taking care of your body, mind and spirit then you’ll end up unhappy, unfulfilled and even drive yourself to illness.

So what can you do? Instead of putting yourself last, why not include yourself in the mix of things you do. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time. Can you find time to:

Self care for parents
  • go for a 15 minute walk in nature by yourself?

  • close your eyes and take some time to still your busy mind throughout your day?

  • book a massage once a week, or fortnight or month?

  • have a regular meet up with a friend/mate for a chat?

  • All of the above?

Making time for yourself will mean you’re in a much better state of mind and body for your family.


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