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Importance of the Health and Wellbeing life skills for children

A child’s diet and the amount of exercise they have play crucial roles in their physical and mental health. This life skill increases a child’s knowledge of nutrition and exercise and reduces the likelihood of childhood obesity and illness. Are you worried about your child’s health? Is your child eating the wrong foods and spending most of their time in front of a TV or computer and not getting any exercise?  Then you will find the Health and Wellbeing eBook a valuable resource. Are you always cleaning up after your children? Are you looking for new ways to get them to help around the home? We all know that children function better in a clean and tidy environment, and activities like the 15 minute clean up can be a powerful support for children to learn about order and cleanliness. Learning this is childhood will help them through their lives.

Health and Wellbeing - Life Skills eBook


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