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Importance of the Inspired Creativity life skill for children

Achieving goals is important for developing self-confidence. Children feel more confident in their abilities when they achieve their goals. Children are more successful when they set realistic goals and plan and execute them systematically over time. By acknowledging and celebrating milestones, your children are more likely to be motivated to keep going, all the way, until they actually achieve success. This has far reaching consequences for your children’s future, as a string of successes achieved throughout childhood, creates a strong foundation for positive beliefs in the future. Completing these activities with your children will support them to be inspired to dream, believe in themselves and achieve their goals!


Research shows that tenacity and resilience are very important factors for life success. Do your children ‘keep going’ in the face of difficulty or do they tend to give up? The activities in this book will help your children overcome difficulties and develop resilience and personal power. For example, if your child experiences a difficulty or set back in life, teaching them how to identify and to articulate the problem, set goals and the take action to overcome the issue, enables your child to turn a negative situation into a positive one. This is empowering and encourages your child to be resourceful and resilient.


Key areas explored in this Book include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Identifying steps for success
  • Using a calendar or diary
  • Time management
  • Planning
  • Motivating your child
  • Fostering your child's creativity


Benefits of the Inspired Creativity life skills for kids

Does your child have a dream or vision they’re striving for? Setting goals gives your children direction and provides a roadmap for where they want to go in life. The activities in this eBook help your children to discover what inspires them by fostering their imagination and creativity. Helping your children learn how to set goals and identify the required action steps, will support them to actually achieve their goals.


Providing clarity and focus are some of the many benefits goal setting offers. It is easier for your child to achieve a clear goal than a ‘fuzzy’ dream. We all know that focussed effort and attention gets results, so having a clear goal with smaller action steps, makes each part of the process easier to complete.


Other benefits of the Inspired Creativity life skills include teaching your children how to set and achieve goals, which provides a strong foundation for success now and in the future. It supports children to do well at school which can springboard them into a successful career and serve them well in their personal lives as well.


Creating opportunities for children to nurture their creativity is beneficial for both work and play. In today’s fast changing environment, being creative and thinking outside the box is a highly sought after and valued skill. You can help your develop the skills to set and achieve goals which will empower your children to believe in themselves – knowing they can achieve their goals – which creates the foundation for living an inspired life.

Inspired Creativity - Life Skills eBook


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