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Importance of the Personal Power life skill for children

Healthy self-esteem and a positive attitude allow children to feel good about who they are and to believe in themselves. Children with healthy self-esteem are more likely to try new things and pick themselves up and bounce back after a challenging life experience. We know that life can challenge our children in so many ways, lost friendships, changes in family circumstances, illness, financial challenges and so much more. Having personal power and resilience are valuable personal attributes for your children to have throughout their school years and beyond.


Benefits of the Personal Power life skill for children

When you think about it, the most successful people in the world are the people who have the courage to dream big and then the persistence and personal power to make their dreams come true. They don’t let anything stand in their way. As a parent you want your child to have the personal power to achieve their dreams. The benefit of developing your child’s personal power is that children who accept themselves are less likely to succumb to negative peer pressure to do the wrong thing, or feel the need to be like or to please others, which will make them more willing to discover what they can contribute to the world. Children who don’t feel good about themselves tend to follow negative peer pressure, get bullied, behave defensively and feel insecure, which often results in all kinds of negative behaviour, especially in challenging life circumstances.


It is very important for children to feel good about themselves and to develop their personal power, so they can feel safe to explore the world, learn from their life experiences and grow and develop as a person. Exploration and being open to new experiences is easier for a child who has a good sense of themselves, and who feels safe and secure. Children who feel insecure or unsafe tend to shy away from new experiences and can miss out on opportunities to learn and succeed.

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