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Importance of the Relaxationand Play life skills for children

Do you regularly take time out to relax and play with your children? This is very important as many parents are rushed, overworked and lack work-life balance. This is also true for children as they are often overwhelmed with many demands including school projects, homework, sports, family commitments, after-school tutoring and social networking and the list goes on. Did you know that regular stress can affect a child’s immune system making them more prone to illness? Being tired and stressed for long periods can also produce negative effects, such as anxiety and depression.  Being able to relax and to play reduces stress, anxiety, illness and increases pleasure and joy in life.


The activities in the Relaxation and Play Home Activity eBook are focused on helping your child understand the importance of making time to relax and have fun. These will help your child feel a greater sense of wellbeing and help them to achieve life-balance. You can help your child learn to identify when they are tired, or overworked and need to stop and rest. Relaxation techniques such as deep breathing and stretching exercises are provided. You can make this a weekly activity for you and your children, and in this way you will all reap the benefits. Most importantly, you will be experiencing and modelling a good work-life balance for your children and giving them a skill for life. 


Benefits of the Relaxation and Play life skills for kids

Research shows that almost all diseases are the result of stress. Developing good work–life balance should begin as young as possible. Maggie Dent’s Chapter “Helping Children Manage Stress”, in the book Inspired Children: how the leading minds of today raise their kids explains that many adults can’t manage their stress because they didn’t learn how to deal with stress and distress as children. So it’s very important to learn this skill as a child.


One of the many benefits of teaching children how to manage stress, take time out to relax and play is that it will support them to live a healthy life. Another benefit of the Relaxation and Play life skill activities is that they can reduce anxiety. Increasing numbers of children are feeling anxiety and are not coping with the demands of life. The good news is that a recent study which reviewed over ten years of research on the impact of relaxation training on anxiety found that anxiety can be decreased by using a variety of relaxation techniques. 

Relaxation and Play - Life Skills eBook


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