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Welcome to the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) is pleased to provide you with access to the network of websites and related services owned or operated by Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Pty Limited including, but not limited to,,,, wherever distributed on the internet (the "Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network") on these terms and conditions.

By accessing or using the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use as amended from time to time.

Limited Offer Expiry

About the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network
Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) publishes or makes available on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network information, advertisements, product and service offers, Software and links supplied by Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) and third parties (Material). Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) does not warrant, represent, authorise or endorse the reliability, accuracy or completeness of any such Material published on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network or on any web site that links from the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network.

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) does not and cannot provide any warranty in relation to any goods or services advertised for sale on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network by third parties including, but not limited to, any representation or warranty that the goods or services are of merchantable quality, fit for the purpose intended, safe for the purpose intended, as described by the seller or owned by the seller.

Personal and Non Commercial Use Only
Use of the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network is for your personal and non-commercial use only. Except for the Material held in your computers cache or a single permanent copy of the Material for your personal use. 

You must not:

  • Modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, perform, reproduce, publish or license any Material;

  • Use or attempt to use any Material published on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network to create any web site or publication;

  • Mirror or frame any web site or page within the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network;

  • Use any automated process of any sort to query, access or copy any Material on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network or generate or compile any document or database based on the Material published on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network; or

  • Transfer or sell any information, functionality or products or services offered on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network, without the written approval of Dr Rosina (Arccamedus).

  • Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) may terminate your right to access and use the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network at any time.

You are Responsible for the use of the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network

Whilst Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) takes care to ensure that the Material on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network is correct, current and free from errors, Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of or the representations made by the Material on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network or any web site that links from the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network or any information received as a result of using the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network.

The services and Material made available on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network are provided as general information only. Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) does not warrant that the services and Material are professional, expert or other advice and are not a substitute for such advice; may not be appropriate, correct or sufficient for your circumstances; should not be relied on as the only reason you do or don't do anything; and may not be continually accessible or free from errors or viruses.

If Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) suffers any loss or damage or incurs any cost in connection with a breach by you of these terms and conditions you agree to indemnify Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) for all such loss and damage.

Goods and Services Provided By Dr Rosina (Arccamedus)

If Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) offers goods or services to you, including advertising any item for sale on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network, the services are subject to additional terms and conditions. To the extent of any inconsistency between these terms and conditions and the additional terms and conditions, the additional terms will prevail to the extent of the inconsistency.

Goods and Services Provided By Third Parties

If goods and services are offered on or through the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network by third parties (sellers):

  • Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) does not act as any persons agent or broker; arrange any contract between you and any person or; provide any warranty in relation to any persons goods or services;

  • Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) will not be responsible for the terms of any transaction between you and any person; any goods or services purchased by you from any person or; resolving any dispute between you and any person.

  • Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) may augment information supplied by sellers. This information is supplied by third parties. Whilst Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) requests sellers check this information, it may be possible for information to be inaccurate. Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) strongly recommends that you check with the seller that all information in relation to their goods and service is accurate.

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Responsibility to You is Limited

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) will only be liable to You:

Where the law implies a term into these terms and conditions which cannot be excluded and Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) breaches that term. Provided that, where the breach relates to goods or services that are not of a kind ordinarily acquired for personal, domestic or household use or consumption and where it is fair and reasonable to do so Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) liability is limited , at its option, to replacing, repairing or re-supplying the relevant goods or re-supplying the relevant services; or
If the claim arises from or in connection with any deliberate breach of these terms and conditions or fraud by Dr Rosina (Arccamedus).

Other than as set out above Dr Rosina (Arccamedus), will not be liable to You:

for claims arising out of or in connection with your access and use of the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network and related services whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence), indemnity, strict liability, breach of warranty or statute; and
for loss of use, production, profit, revenue, business, data, contractor anticipated savings or for delay or for any financing costs or increase in operating costs or any economic loss for any indirect or consequential loss or damage. For the purposes of this section, the term Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) will mean Dr Rosina (Arccamedus), its officers, employees, contractors and agents, whether individually or collectively.

Copyright, Trademarks and Licence
Material on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network is © Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Pty Limited 2010. All rights reserved. Unless otherwise indicated on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network, the material on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network is owned by or licensed to Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) and is subject to copyright (the "Copyright Material"). You may:

Only copy or reproduce the Copyright Material for the purpose of browsing the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network or making a copy for your own personal, private or research use, provided that such use constitutes fair use under the Copyright Act;

Not alter or modify the Copyright Material or remove any legal notice associated with it.
Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Pty Limited and other names of Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) product and/or services referenced herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Pty Limited. Other product and company names mentioned on the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

In consideration of Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) allowing you to access and use the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network you grant to Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) a non exclusive, payment free, perpetual, irrevocable licence to reproduce, modify, delete, adapt and publish any material you post, upload or otherwise transmit via Communications Services and to sub-licence the same for such purposes as Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) determines from time to time (subject to the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Privacy Policy).

Communications Services
Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) may provide you with the ability to communicate with Dr Rosina (Arccamedus), the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network, Sellers, advertisers and users of the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network through agreements, online forms, electronic requests and enquires, bulletin boards, blogs, competition entries, online forums, inbound phone number services and other forms of electronic messaging (Communications Services).

You acknowledge that Communications Services may be public and not private communications. Further, you acknowledge that Communication Services should not be considered reviewed, screened, or approved by Dr Rosina (Arccamedus).

Use of the Communications Services is provided on condition that You do not do any of the following:

  • Transmit any information or material which is knowingly incorrect, misleading or deceptive; transmit any defamatory, infringing, obscene, indecent or unlawful information or material or information;

  • Use the Communications Services for any unlawful purpose;

  • Post or upload files that contain software or other material or information in breach of any person's intellectual property or privacy rights.

  • Upload files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of another's computer;

  • Delete any author attributions, legal notices or proprietary designations or labels in any file that is uploaded.

  • Advertise or offer to sell any goods or services, or conduct or forward surveys, contests or chain letters other than as approved by Dr Rosina (Arccamedus).

  • Download any file posted by another user of the Communications Services that you know, or reasonably should know, is unlawful or contrary to these terms and conditions.

  • Excessively use the Communications Services in a manner which may hinder or prevent Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) from providing services to any other persons or which may threaten the integrity or use by any person of the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network;

  • Authorise, aid, abet encourage or incite any person to do any of the above acts

  • Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) may, but has no obligation to do so, review the use of the Communications Services by you and delete, edit, refuse to post or remove in whole or part any information or material uploaded or posted using the Communications Services

Software Services

Any software, including HTML code and ActiveX controls, that is made available to download from the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network ("Software") is owned by Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) and/or its suppliers.

Your use of the Software is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement, if any, which accompanies or is included with the Software ("License Agreement"). You must agree to the terms of the License Agreement before using the Software.

If there is no License Agreement, Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) grants you a personal, non-transferable license to use the Software for viewing and otherwise using the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network in accordance with these terms and conditions, and for no other purpose. 

You must not:

  • Not copy, reproduce, translate, adapt, vary or modify in whole or in part or the Software;

  • Not reverse assemble or reverse compile or directly or indirectly allow or cause a third party to reverse assemble or reverse compile, in whole or in part, the Software;

  • Not introduce or use any device, software or routine that interferes or attempts to interfere with the operation of the Software; or

  • Not sub-license, rent, lease, lend or grant to any person any rights to use the Software other than as set out in this paragraph.

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) and Your Privacy

To read how Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) collects, uses and discloses your personal information click here. 

Specific Terms

Email a friend

Where Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) allows you to email a friend:

You warrant that the person to whom the email is addressed has consented to the email being sent; and indemnify Dr Rosina (Arccamedus), its servants and agents against all actions, claims and demands (including the cost of defending or setting any actions, claims and demands) arising out of or in respect of sending any email or any contravention of the SPAM Act 2003.

What Law Governs these Terms and Conditions

This Agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New South Wales Australia and you irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in that State.

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) May Change These Terms and Conditions

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) may, in its absolute discretion modify or amend the terms and conditions upon which goods or services are supplied by you including these terms of use and such modifications will be binding upon you once displayed on this web site. You should regularly check the terms and conditions displayed on this web site.

Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) may cease to provide you with access to the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network or any of its services without notice.


Our blog post is designed to provide information and inspiration to our readers. It is provided with the understanding that the author or Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Pty Ltd is not engaged to render any type of psychological, medical, legal, or any other kind of professional advice. The content of each blog is the sole expression and opinion of its author and no warranties or guarantees are expressed or implied. Although every reasonable effort is made to provide accurate and current information, the decision to use or act upon that information is at each person’s own discretion. Neither the author or Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Pty Ltd is liable for any physical, psychological, emotional, financial, or commercial damages that may occur based on an individual’s decision to use or act upon the information provided in this blog. Your use of the information in this blog constitutes your agreement with the provisions of this disclaimer.

Standard Release

By agreeing and selecting the Checkbox on forms provided on our website you allow Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) and its represents  to use, reproduce, and/or publish photographs and/or video, including audio,  that may pertain to you including your image, likeness and/or voice without compensation. You understand that this material may be used in various publications, public affairs releases, recruitment materials, Youtube, broadcast public service advertising (PSAs) or for other related endeavors. This material may also appear on any of the websites of the Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) Network. This authorization is continuous and may only be withdrawn by my specific rescission of this authorization. At all times it is at the discretion of Dr Rosina (Arccamedus) to use any material supplied.

All rights not expressly granted are reserved.

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