Nurturing young children's creative abilities

Young children are naturally creative and I see that creativity in their art, music, dance, conversations, questioning and especially in their make-believe imaginative stories.  I have been nurturing our five-year-old son Cameron's creativity by providing lots of opportunities and experiences from which creative ventures can spark and grow into being. Here are a few of the activities I've shared with Cameron which you might like to try in your home.

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Episode 6: Helping your kids manage their time: calendars and routines

Life is busy and to stay on top of everything I find routines and calendars really help. Do your children forget their sporting gear, musical instruments or books for school? Do they leave their homework, school assignments and projects to the last minute? If so, perhaps it’s time to help them take more responsibility for their lives and manage their time more effectively by using a calendar or diary.

Using a calendar, electronic organiser or diary supports children to be on time for events and to manage everyday activities. These are valuable personal qualities for children to develop from a young age that will support them right through their school years, in higher education endeavours, and in time, be a highly valued quality in the workplace. Here’s how you can make the most of calendars and routines with your children whether they are young or older. 

Episode 2: How to stop feeling guilty about not spending time with the children?

If you’re like so many parents today, you carry around a feeling of guilt because you wish you could spend more time with your kids, but between work, taking care of the home and all of the after-school activities there seems to be so little time. Well in this short video, Dr Rosina explores the benefits of making a small amount of quality time available each day rather than worrying about trying to find a lot of time. Find out how to open a regular communication channel between you and your child, build a strong relationship and provide an opportunity for your child to share any difficulties they might have before they become big problem.

Episode 1: Introduction to Inspired Children TV Parenting Program

Each week Dr Rosina McAlpine talks about the Inspired Children Parenting Program. She will be discussing issues facing parents in today's fast paced world and applying research based practical solutions. She talks about how a Life skills approach is the basis from which parents can assist their children develop the skills necessary to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. 

Empowering children to change the world

The Inspired Children life skills approach to parenting is all about empowering children to live a full, happy and meaningful life. Each life skill activity supports children to navigate the world successfully. For example:

  • by learning to eat well and to exercise our children can enjoy good physical health.
  • by helping children to become aware of their negative thoughts and to take steps to believe positive things about themselves and life they can enjoy good psychological health
  • by supporting children to learn how to manage their emotions and be resilient they can overcome life’s many challenges and have sound emotional health
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