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Protecting Your Children Online

Do you struggle to get your children off the internet? Is there a daily fight?

Accessing the world through the internet is common for most families today. Even very young children enjoy games and you tube videos and can get VERY upset when asked to stop! Older children also enjoy games as well as connecting with others through social media. BUT…are you worried that your children are accessing harmful and inappropriate content or meeting up with predators online? Are you worried they are spending too much time on the internet?

With most children on the internet and so much harmful content out there that they shouldn’t be exposed like pornography and graphic violence it’s crucial to protect them. BUT you can’t be watching your kids 24/7 so what can you do?

Today, the internet is an integral part of lives and there’s access to it in most homes. A little of the right kind of access for kids can be of great benefit – educationally and socially. However, many children spend far too much time on the internet – well over the recommended guidelines and are interacting with the wrong kind of content and this can result in long term harms.

Do you find it hard to get your children off the internet? Are you worried they’re accessing dangerous people, harmful information or inappropriate content?

So as a worried parent, what can you do?

Join Dr Rosina, entertaining and educational parenting expert as she interviews Steven Pack, developer of KoalaSafe a device that helps you to keep your children safe while they are on the internet.

Rather than worrying about your children being on the internet or banning access, today’s show is all about how your children can be on the internet in a healthy, safe and educational way. This show is filled with practical tips that work.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. How you can set an internet schedule so you don’t have to nag the children to get off!

  2. How to prevent your children accessing inappropriate information while online.

  3. How you can monitor your children’s access and the benefits of knowing what and who your children are interacting with online.

  4. What parents can do to make being online educational and safe for kids

Internet security devices like KoalaSafe allow parents to set time-limits, offer parental insights (so they can see what their children have accessed and for how long) as well as app & site blocking – across all devices in the home.

For help raising well-rounded and capable kids from toddlers to teens, get great tips, resources and support see Dr Rosina’s practical Win Win Parenting approach.

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