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Shaping your teens good eating habits and healthy attitude to food.

I’m excited to share our second interview in our 4 part series on FOOD and your family: how to develop a stress-free, healthy and balanced lifestyle for everyone from toddler to teen.

Last week Deb and I explored the topic of Healthy eating for parents: being a good role model for your family. If you could do with a few tips on how to make small, realistic changes so you can have a healthier lifestyle for you and your family then listen to our interview.

Teens and body image

With all of the issues around body image and peer pressure to eat certain things, to look a certain way – it’s hard for teens to know what a healthy diet looks like and of course we want to help them develop great habits to hold them in good stead for life!

Many parents worry about how they’re going to save their teen/pre-teen from a lifelong struggle with being obsessed with their weight and instead learn to focus on health. As a parent you can make a huge different by creating good foundations for life-long health

Tips to support teen’s ‘healthy’ attitude to food

In this interview you’ll learn how to help your teen by:

  • Balancing their independence with your support when it comes to meals for your teen

  • Shaping your teen’s positive attitude to food

  • Modifying foods that teens LOVE to eat – to give them a healthy base with a taste they’ll love

  • Providing your teen with the right ‘fuel’ at the right time

  • And tips for getting teens to the dinner table

Deb has a passion for helping families to develop a healthy relationship with food rather than the impossible tasks of trying to be “perfect” at eating all the “right” foods. We all know that’s hard work, no fun and so of course it’s impossible to maintain. Enjoy the interview!

Dr Rosina interviews Deb Blakely, founder of “kids dig food” on the topic of Shaping your teens good eating habits and healthy attitude to food. Deb is a Dietician and Nutritionist, who works with families so they can lose the guilt, stop the battles and eat happily! If you’d like to know more about her workshops, webinars, or have a consultation in person or online email or see her website at 

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