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A NEW take on Family Wellbeing: Nutrition for a Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

Knowing how to keep our family healthy physically and support mental wellbeing isn’t easy when parents are stressed, time poor and there is so much conflicting information about health. In this podcast, you’ll learn simple strategies to support your family’s wellbeing.

In this podcast, Dr Rosina McAlpine, CEO of Win Win Parenting and Dee Zibara, CEO of Cell to Soul, talk about how nutrition, movement and mindset impact each other and influence your health.

Dee Zibara is a qualified nutritionist and internationally recognised personal trainer. You can find out more about her programs at

Enjoy this podcast with the bubbly Dr Rosina and Dee!

You’ll get simple practical tips on:

  • planning simple and nutritious meals,

  • exercising for maximum health benefits and

  • strategies that support a positive mindset for a happy, healthy family life!

Disclaimer: We’re not here to give you advice! Parents get too much solicited and unsolicited advice. We're here to give you practical strategies to make family life a little easier!


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