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Avoiding parental burnout: Tips for thriving with work and family.

We all know that maintaining employee’s physical and mental wellbeing are keys to creating happy and productive workplaces. Many organisations today offer general wellbeing programs for their employees – however, these programs don’t help working parents who have the added stress of raising children. The global pandemic has highlighted the need for workplaces to support their working parents who continually struggle to manage the many responsibilities of work, to overcome the day-to-day demands of parenting as well as navigate the never-ending stresses that life can bring.

This podcast explores the important topic of how to avoid parental fatigue and parental burnout. Dr Rosina McAlpine, CEO and creator of the Win Win Parenting workplace parenting education programs interviews Professor Moira Mikolajczak – a leading researcher in this area.

Without support, employees can suffer “fatigue and parental burnout” which harms employee wellbeing, harms parent child-relationships and reduces workplace effectiveness.

In this podcast Dr Rosina asks all the right questions to explore the topic of parental fatigue with Professor Moira Mikolajczak who is one of, if not the leading researcher on this topic - working as a Professor of Health and Medical Psychology at the Psychological Sciences Research Institute, UC Louvain the biggest French-speaking university in Belgium.

Professor Mikolajczak’s current research focus is on parental burnout and she has published extensively in this area.

What is discussed in the podcast?

In this valuable podcast you’ll learn more about the:

  • Main factors that lead to parental burnout

  • Factors that are protective for avoiding burnout as well as the

  • Road to recovery - back to personal and family wellbeing if a parent is suffering from parental burnout.

It was Dr Rosina’s great pleasure to interview Professor Mikolajczak. The podcast is filled with practical ideas about how to avoid parenting fatigue and burn out.


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