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Creativity and Learning: How Parents can Help their Pre-schooler thrive Physically, Mentally and Emotionally through Creative Play at Home

Have you delighted in how eager your pre-schooler is to embrace every aspect of life? Have you experienced their never ending chatter, asking questions, getting messy, tasting, squishing, touching and enjoying everything that crosses their path?

You might be aware that young children can develop their thinking, their language, imagination, speaking and listening skills through creative play. Have you marveled at how skilfully your child’s preschool teachers involve the children in their care in creative play? We know preschool can be a wonderful experience which helps our little ones for communicate and interact with others and of course enhances their learning.

Perhaps you’d love some ideas on how to support your child’s development, creativity, play and learning at home so you can create a loving and stimulating home environment too. If that’s the case then join Dr Rosina, entertaining and educational parenting expert as she interviews Ruth Churchill.

Ruth is an author, researcher, and founding Director of Early Arts which is an award winning training network which trains Early Years and Primary educators to achieve the highest standards in teaching and learning. It’s all about building teams of inspired, passionate and highly skilled teachers to bring young children’s creativity to life. Ruth’s passion and striving for excellence has been the driving force behind her establishing Early Arts in 2002 and just 7 years later in 2009, scaled it up to have a national footprint.

This show is filled with down to earth practical tips that work and you’ll learn:

  • The importance of children’s creativity – how it helps develop brains and bodies develop optimally.

  • What creativity is – and what it isn’t! Everyone can be creative!

  • How important it is for adults to experience the benefits of being creative in order to better help their children do the same.

  • How to remove obstacles from your own creativity and build your creative confidence as well as competences. Simple activities everyone can do!

  • About the relationship between creativity and play.

  • The four key elements you can focus on as a parent in order to enable children to reach their most creative potential.

  • Developing our own creative leadership. Fun for you and your child.

  • Top tips for developing a more creative home or child-friendly setting.

You know, the closer bond you have with your young child the easier it will be to navigate the teen years together. Making time to have fun together creatively can strengthen that bond and create beautiful memories for your child for life! The way you parent can have a positive or negative impact on your relationship with your child and your child’s long-term mental health.

Research shows that higher parental care, lower parental control and the more open the relationship are more likely to lead to greater mental well-being for children. Do you find the controlling approach of discipline, punishment and rewards model you’re using with the kids isn’t working? Would you like a research and heart-based approach that is founded on empathy and education and supports you to develop a close bond with your child? Dr Rosina’s practical Win Win Parenting approach where you’ll get great tips, resources and support to lovingly raise well-rounded and capable kids from toddlers to teens.

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Dr Rosina’s practical Win Win Parenting approach empowers you to raise well-rounded and capable kids from toddlers to teens, get great tips, resources and support.


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