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Developing your child’s character: good behaviour, empathy and making positive choices

Every parent wants their child to be of good character. Character is all about how we act in life. We generally say a child is good natured or has “good character” if they behave in a way that is positive and make choices that improve the lives of others and the world.

It is important to know that character is not a fixed personality trait, instead your child’s character is developed like any other life skill. In this interview with Professor Edward DeRoche, Director of the Character Development Center at The University of San Diego, you’ll learn all about:

  • What character development is

  • Why character development is crucial for your child’s life success

  • How parents can help their children develop good character

  • Why it is important to educate your child about how to make good choices

  • How crucial it is to explain why poor choices lead to negative consequences

  • Using opportunities to help children develop empathy and care for others

  • Helping children think through their choices and their consequences especially choices they might make that could result in deadly consequences like taking drugs, alcohol and driving dangerously.

Professor De Roche talks about helping children to be honest, respectful and responsible by modelling good behaviour. Social skills are crucial to a child’s development and helping them get on in the world.

Watching age-appropriate TV shows with your children is a wonderful way to talk about many aspects of character development. For example, with teens, watching shows like  the Big Bang Theory, or even reruns of old programs like Friends gives parents the opportunity to  talk about integrity, good and bad choices, friendship, relationships, drugs and sexuality.

Your child is always developing their character based on what they see and experience at home, in the media, at school and out in the world. Listen to this important interview about how you can help your child develop good character, make good choices and have the best chance for life success.


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