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Do you need help to overcome workplace bullying or school bullying?

Are you experiencing workplace bullying? Has one or more of your children been bullied at school? Are you a teacher who would like to support children to be resilient and rally against bullying?

If you’d like practical tips to support you to navigate your own situation or to support a child overcome bullying, then this podcast is for you.

Parenting expert, Dr Rosina McAlpine and Jessica Hickman discuss the many ways you can overcome workplace, online or school yard bullying.  

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • What bullying is and what it isn’t

  • Signs your child is being bullied

  • What you can do to support yourself or someone who is being bullied to be resilient and overcome bullying.

This podcast is real and raw. Dr Rosina tears up as Jessica shares her personal story of being bullied over many years and is inspired by her courage and passion to help others.

Jessica Hickman is the founder of Bullyology and author of ‘The Bullyologist: Breaking the Silence on Bullying’. After suffering extensive workplace bullying herself, Jessica Hickman turned a negative situation into a positive learning and now dedicates her work to preventing bullying in workplaces, online and schools.

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