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Does your child have good self esteem or low self esteem?

In this video Dr Rosina talks about Self Esteem. Self esteem is at the heart of living a happy and fulfilling life. When children feel good about themselves, they think and act in a positive way and they bounce back easily when they encounter life’s setbacks. Unfortunately, many children have low self esteem and this affects so many parts of their lives. A child with low self esteem is less likely to have the courage to make new friends or try new things for fear of rejection or failure. Also, when children feel bad about themselves, they are more likely to have negative thoughts and even misbehave. 

Do you know whether your child has good self esteem or low self esteem? This is not about what you think, but what your child thinks about themselves. In this episode of the Inspired Children TV Parenting Program, Dr Rosina shares some of the questions you can ask your child to help you know whether your child has good or low self esteem. In later episodes, there’ll be lots of information and activities to help your child boost their self esteem and help them fly through life!  


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