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Educating Children to Prevent Child Abuse Using Music and Songs

Child abuse is a topic no-one wants to talk about BUT, the reality is – if we are going to do all we can to keep our children safe - we have to. The rate of child-abuse in Australia and world-wide is on the rise. As a parent, teacher or carer it’s important to teach every child what to do if they are confronted with a situation with the potential for child abuse by educating them from a very young age about the potential harms and what they can do if someone tries to abuse them.

Most parents don’t know where to start this difficult conversation, and that is why Chrissy Sykes developed the “my body is my body” program in conjunction with various child protection authorities and experts. Join parenting expert, Dr Rosina McAlpine as she interviews the founder and creator of the my body is my body program, Chrissy Sykes and learn:

  • The shocking statistics on child abuse worldwide – it is far more comment than you think and – it is not usually a stranger – but someone the child knows and trusts.

  • What the “My Body Is My Body Program” all about – how it helps parents, carers and teachers to educate young children to prevent child abuse.

  • The age group the program applies to.

  • Why music and song is such a good medium to help children learn the messages and responses they need to make if they are threatened or abused in anyway.

For more information and to access this FREE resource for all parents and teachers to use as an educational tool for young children,  see

One of the big messages that came out of the interview is that Chrissy went to prison to learn more about how to prevent child abuse and she learned that if children learn to say “NO” the potential perpetrators will,  more often than not  look for another child who won’t say no!  Teaching your children how to say no is a HUGE first step to preventing child abuse.

Don’t miss this important podcast - crucial for every parent, carer and teacher.


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