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Education, Career and Money life skills for children

Helping children understand the opportunities that developing effective learning strategies can bring and how learning provides the vehicle for personal and professional development are fundamental to developing a positive attitude to learning at the individual level and a skilled workforce at the national level. 

Benefits of the Education, Career and Money life skills for children

The benefits of the Education, Career and Money life skills for kids are that they introduce children to a range of vocations and enables younger children to understand how the world works. Further, it invites teenagers to consider possible career directions and seek knowledge about possible fields of specialisation for their future which provides children with the motivation to learn driven by their personal interests. This life skill also explores finances and money as key aspects of life and empowers children’s with an understanding of the nature and functions of money within society and in relation to their personal lives. These are all very valuable life skills for your child.

Education, Career and Money life skills for children

A valuable personal attribute is the motivation to learn. Associated with this is the skill or ability to learn.

We all need to develop our parenting skills to inspire our children and develop our child's life skills? This Education, Career and Money e-book offers affordable, there are 12 practical and easy to follow 15 minute life skill activities that empower parents and make you feel like you are doing something that will help your child throughout their life. Developing your childs life skills around education, career and money will give them the best chance for success in their life. 

How to develop the Education, Career and Money life skills for children

There are a number of ways you can help in teaching children life skills around education, career and money. Parenting advice and helpful parenting tips on supporting effective learning for kids, career ideas for kids and money management for kids include:

  • Purchase your child a ‘piggy’ bank and open a savings account with the bank to teach them about money and savings. With each deposit the savings grow.

  • Many children complete secondary education and still don’t know the career directions they might like to pursue. By encouraging your child to talk to family members and friends about the advantages and disadvantages of working in a variety of vocations and professions so that they can develop an idea of the areas they might like to investigate further.

  • Encourage and nurture a child’s inbuilt love of learning by inviting your child to go onto the internet and research a topic of interest to them. Then ask them to explain to you what they have learned. This will support their memory and recall.

  • Obtain a diary and help your child learn about scheduling home work, assignments and extra curricula activities like music lessons and sports trainings. Make it a daily habit to look in the diary and complete all tasks for the day. Celebrate the achievements as your child ticks or crosses off the items they’ve completed.

  • How does your child view mistakes and failures? Do they engage in negative self talk and quit? If so help them see mistakes and failures as opportunities to learn and grow as a person.

Learn more about how teaching children life skills can take the pain out of parenthood.


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