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Enhance your child’s self-esteem, attitude and resilience.

Personal power relates to what a child believes about themselves. A child with healthy self-esteem and a ‘can-do’ attitude is more likely to try new activities and be more successful in life. We all know that life is filled with ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. How well do your children deal with challenges or adversity? Resilience is an important personal attribute that helps children pick themselves up when times are tough and keep going! The Inspired Children Program activities enhance your child’s attitude, self-esteem, and resilience developing their overall personal power.

Does your child have healthy self-esteem or do they lack confidence?

Do you hear your child say negative things about themselves like “I’m so dumb” or “I can’t do anything right” or “That’s OK for someone else but not for me”?

Does your child give up easily or are they able to keep going even when life sends challenges their way?

Does your child have a positive attitude or a negative attitude to life?

If you would like to know how to help your child to build healthy self-esteem, have a positive attitude to life and be more resilient, then find out more about your child’s Personal Power and how the Inspired Children Life Skills for Children program can benefit your whole family.


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