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Environment and Social Understanding

Importance of the Environment and Social Understanding life skills for children

It’s crucial that children understand how to act ethically and are aware of the social and environmental consequences of their own and other’s actions if they are to make a positive difference in the world.

Benefits of the Environment and Social Understanding life skills for children

Environment and Social Understanding ebook

By teaching children the many facets of ‘sustainability’ they will be able to see themselves as not just part of a family but a member of a community and a global citizen. The benefits of the Social and Environmental life skills for kids are achieved by completing activities that help your child develop a social conscience by becoming aware of the many inequities in society like homelessness, different social classes, and racism among many other areas. It will also increase your child’s respect and gratitude for what they have in their own lives. These are all very valuable life skills for your child.

Environmental and Social Understanding life skills for children

We now know that to sustain our planet for future generations we need to start taking care of our environment and people. Social and Environmental life skills for kids explores those topics!

All parents want the best for their children and this Environment and Social Understanding e-book can make a life time of difference to you and your child developing life skills around Environmental and Social understanding. In this e-book there are 12 practical easy to follow activities that can be undertaken in just 15 minutes at a time, you will receive support in teaching children and developing your parenting skills step by step. The easy to follow activities are fun, inspiring for children and parents with good parenting advice to support the development of your kids life skills. 

This is an example of some of the life skills your child can learn:

How to develop the Environment and Social Understanding life skills for children

You can help your child become a responsible global citizen by being a role model and working together. Activities, parenting advice and support for parents on developing social and environmental understand for kids include:

Going for a walk down the street with a large bag and a pair of gloves with the intention of picking up litter in your local area.

Ask your child to tell you all of the things they usually do in each room of their home. For example in the kitchen they can take food from the fridge, cook and enjoy delicious meals. In the bedroom they can sleep, store their belongings and clothes and have a quiet space to relax. Then ask your child to imagine what it is like for a homeless person. Ask them how and where they might cook or store their clothes or sleep. This activity promotes empathy for others and gratitude.

Ask your child to solve ethical dilemmas like. “If your best friend asks to copy your homework or test paper as they had to take care of their sick mother and couldn’t study, would you let them?”We are teaching our son the difference between rubbish that goes in the ‘blue’ bin which is the recycling bin and what goes in the ‘silver’ bin which is waste that goes into landfill. He’s pretty good at it now and gets it right most of the time. As he gets older, when he can understand more, we will also explain why he has been doing this and how recycling and waste impact our planet. It’s a step by step process - he will gain these life skills as they become age appropriate.

 about how teaching children life skills can take the pain out of parenthood - Win Win Parenting


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