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Excessive screen use can cause physical, social and psychological harms to your children

Whether it is a phone, tablet, TV or computer - technology is part of most adults’ everyday life. And it is not uncommon for a parent to pass a phone or tablet to a child to keep her amused so they can finish a task. The question is “when can technology safely be part of our children’s lives”?

Excessive screen time

Researchers who study the impact of technology on children caution parents to delay and to err on the side of less rather than more use because the research has not ‘caught up’ with what is happening in society in terms of the impact of technology on our children. Numerous studies report that excessive or inappropriate use of technology can lead to physical, social and psychological harms to children.

For example, did you know:

  • more children today need glasses for short-sightedness due to inappropriate screen use?

  • many children have poor posture as a result of excessive sitting and being hunched over computer games?

  • introduction of screens with young children can result in language delays?

Technology is not going away and parents need to be able to make informed decisions about TV, phones, games, tablets and computers.


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