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Expert advice on raising healthy and happy babies: baby sleep and child development

This interview provides latest research on raising healthy and happy babies with expert advice for new parents and or professionals working with babies. You will learn:

  • The safest ways to put your baby to sleep whether you share a room or bed with your baby

  •  How to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)

  • Ways you can prevent baby flat head syndrome and avoid the need for a helmet to correct your baby’s misshaped flat head

  • How you can help your baby become a child who is patient and doesn’t demand instant attention

  • Ways to keep your baby calm and reduce their anxiety and stress.

  • The process for raising a child who is empathetic, caring and understanding of others as well as patient and can delay gratification

  • The many benefits for your child’s future if they can delay gratification and be patient including: reduced chance of obesity, grater ability to complete long term projects and less stress and anxiety.

Dr Wendy Middlemiss is an Associate Professor at the University of North Texas and is an expert in the Essentials of Safe Infant Sleep.


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