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Household cleanliness: doing the dishes with a difference!

An individual and a family can function much better and feel more positive in a clean environment, so knowing how to keep their home clean and tidy is a valuable life skill for your child to learn. Parents often think it will be quicker if “I do it myself” - and you are right - but only in the short term! In the long run, once your child learns the skills of cleaning - you will have help and they will have an important skill for life!

Cleaning - enjoyable and fun?

We all have to clean our home, so why not make it as enjoyable as possible! You can help your child understand that their ‘attitude’ to something is their choice - so they can go about cleaning in a resentful and grumbling way or make it fun, feel good about doing it and feel a sense of satisfaction once it is done. Children learn best when something is enjoyable and fun - actually so do adults - so give it a go! Put on some music and

1. Help your child learn about doing the dishes in a fun way

2. Allow the child to see the benefits of completing an activity together as a family


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