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How children learn & thrive: swapping discipline with empathy education (Part 2)

Parents want to raise respectful children who make good choices. We want our kids to be well behaved and choose the right way to act in the world and the right way to speak with people.

If your children do something “naughty” or act “disrespectfully,” how do you help your children to learn the right thing to do?

How children learn and thrive

Do you get angry and yell at the kids or do you send them into time out?   Do you give them a reward if they have good behaviour or take something away if they do the wrong thing?

I was hit as a child and I hated it. I also hated seeing my siblings get hit as well. So I was determined not to hit our son.

When I’ve yelled at our son, or put him in time out or made him do things for a reward or punishment - it didn’t feel good to me… I felt guilty and I hated seeing him upset. I can’t imagine any parent who likes disciplining and punishing their children... it doesn't feel good to yell, put them in time out or smack them. They are our precious babes ... but at the same time we can't have them running wild right?

So I asked the questions:

  • What if there was a different way to help our kids learn the right thing to do?

  • What if we could raise kids without hitting, yelling or sending them away?

  • Is there a way we can control our anger and temper and not yell at the kids?

  • I was desperate to find a better way!!!

I’ve been doing research for a number of years about different ways to teach our kids how to be in the world without discipline or punishment and instead using empathy and education. By trial and error I’ve been trying everything I’ve learned with our son and he is a wonderful boy. I have so many examples of how I’ve used empathy and education when he “drew on his bed with permanent markers” and “tipped the liquid soap down the sink” and much more…

Parenting is about nurturing and educating our children to become the best they can be for themselves, in their families and to their communities. So if you're sick of trying to control your kids with authority, strictness and a firm hand and you'd like to learn more effective and loving ways to raise kids then listen in. With empathy and education you’re teaching kids how to problem- solve, learn about the natural consequences of bad choices and to build a lasting respectful relationship with your children. 

In this interview, Dr Robyn Mills and I discuss the pro's and cons of various common forms of discipline and punishment used by parents. I also share insights into a life skills approach to parenting which eliminates the need for discipline and punishment. Intrigued? Listen in and get loads of positive parenting advice for raising well adjusted respectful children.


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