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How to Bully-Proof Your Child so they are Unbullyable

Have you experienced bullying as a child or an adult? Is your child being bullied and you feel helpless? Bullying can have detrimental physical and psychological effects on a child and can result in isolation, depression and even suicide. There is a lot that can be done to overcome and to prevent bullying and today’s show is all about practical solutions that work for you and your child.

Bullying is prevalent in schools and in workplaces and it can even happen at home where one sibling bullies another. So what can parents and kids do?

Today my guest is Sue Anderson author of the award winning book titled Unbullyable: Bullying Solutions for parents and Children.  Since 2007 she has coached hundreds of children, parents and teachers affected by bullying using a unique coaching methodology. Sue has developed a “Good2gr8 Schools Program”, mentoring webinars as well as animated videos for children – you can find these and more at her website.

In this interview you’ll learn:

  1. What bullying is and what it isn’t.

  2. The signs to look for when your child is being bullied.

  3. What it means for your child to be “Unbullyable”.

  4. Practical approaches you can use to help your child prevent or overcome bullying.

  5. Why children bully and how to help them stop bullying.

Learn more about Sue Anderson and her coaching programs and resources at her website where you can learn how to bully-proof your child.


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