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Inspired Creativity life skills for children

Importance of the Inspired Creativity life skills for kids

If a child is experiencing a difficulty in their life, having the skills to clearly identify and articulate the difficulty, feel empowered to set goals and the take actions to overcome the difficulty allows the child to turn a negative situation into a positive one. This is very empowering and encourages children to be resourceful, develop their imaginative skills, discover what inspires them and achieve their goals. Creating opportunities for children to nurture their creativity is beneficial for both work and play.

Inspired creativity ebook for children

Benefits of the Inspired Creativity life skills for kids

The benefits of the Inspired Creativity life skills for kids includes being able to set goals and achieve them which provides a strong foundation for life success. It supports children to do well at school which can springboard them to a successful career and serve them well in their personal lives too. In today’s fast changing environment being creative and thinking outside the box is a highly sought after and valuable skill! 

Key areas to consider are: 

  • goal setting for kids 

  • planning for children

  • time management for children 

  • using a diary for kids

  • using a calendar for kids 

  • motivating kids 

  • recognising, counting and rewarding achievement for kids

Inspired Creativity life skills for children 

This Inspired Creativity e-book helps parents develop good parenting skills by offering parenting advice and support for parents with activities in teaching children to develop life skills around Inspired Creativity.  These 12 easy to follow, practical 15 minute activities are all about inspiring children, good parenting advice and kids life skills development. This e-book will assist you and your child learn about essential life skills for your child such as the ability to identify goals and to know how to achieve them effectively and creatively. These fundamental life skills support children to achieve success in their lives.

How to develop the Inspired Creativity life skills for kids

Parenting advice and helpful parenting tips to help your child develop life skills in the area of inspired creativity include:

Help your child develop their skills setting goals they would like to achieve. Help them define the outcome clearly so that they will know when they have achieved the goal. Encourage them to select a goal that will take a number of steps and some time to achieve.

Turn the goal into a series of action steps that can be taken to achieve the goal and estimate the time each step will take. Then diarise times to work on the steps.

Then it is time to act on all scheduled tasks and take action. Help your child complete the tasks that will help them achieve their goal and monitoring progress to see if more time is needed and to ensure the goal is achieved. Recognise and celebrate that each step completed is a step closer to the end goal.

Encourage your child to use their creativity and inspiration at every step in the process.

Work on activities that help your child look for solutions that are ‘out of the box’. This is how new inventions and fortunes are made!

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