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Interview with Annie Fox

Join Dr Rosina as she interviews Annie Fox, an internationally known teen expert and award-winning author. Her books include: Teen Survival Guide to Dating and RelatingToo Stressed to Think? and the Middle School Confidential™ series. Annie is a relationship counselor  who answers emails from teens from around the world. Learn about common teen concerns and problems and most importantly how to support them. There is often a disconnect when it comes to teenagers and their parents.

Parents of teens can learn how to improve their relationship with their sons/daughters.

Annie will also discuss her views on the bigger social issues like how our choices matter and what we model for our children (as parents, educators and creators of media) influences their behavior in profound and often unconscious ways. Annie explain how if it is our intention to raise and educate a generation of young people who are socially responsible, then we need to prioritise compassion, friendship as well as justice. 

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