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Recognising and Overcoming Depression in Kids

Today children are experiencing unprecedented rates  of childhood anxiety and depression. Are you worried that you or your child might be depressed? In this 3 part video series, Dr Rosina interviews Dr Samantha Madhosingh, a clinical psychologist known as the emotional wellness doctor.

In Part 1: Recognising depression

You’ll learn about the many signs of depression so you can recognise them in your young child, teen or in adults. The signs are different for young children and teens, and the sooner you can seek help the better. Dr Madhosingh shares in her experience of depression in her teens of her own journey of recovering from depression in adulthood.

Part 2: The 5 Keys Toward Emotional Freedom

Key 1: Discover Purpose and Passion

Key 2: Dissolving Emotional Blockages

Key 3: Living Fearlessly

Part 3: The 5 Keys Toward Emotional Freedom

Key 4: Unshakable Self-Confidence

Key 5: Owning your Magnificence


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