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See what happens when you are persistent

In today’s world of instant information, fast food and almost unlimited options, teaching kids persistence is an important life skill.

Do you find your children give up at the first sign of a challenge? Try something once or twice and if they are not perfect at it move on to something else? Well, like all skills persistence can be learned and it is one of the most important skills you will ever teach your child.

Success depends on “never giving up”. As soon as we give up we can’t achieve our goals. Professor Angela Duckworth has conducted in-depth studies of the most important factors for predicting success at “extremely high-challenge achievement.”

Well it comes down to two main factors: Perseverance and Passion and Duckworth.

Helping children learn delayed gratification is an important part of perseverance because achieving big goals takes time and continued effort. Building resilience also supports this process as children need to be able to overcome the obstacles and the challenges that will inevitably come their way in life.

In our family we support Cameron to develop these qualities in a number of ways including working on long term projects, exploring ways to problems solve when obstacles come up and keep him on tasks just a little longer when he wants to give stretch him.

But, passion is the key as you’ll see in our video. Our son Cameron saw some You Tube videos of Brodie Smith 21 and Dude Perfect showing off their brilliance at throwing a Frisbee and other sporting feats! They really are incredible if truth be known... unbelievable so it’s definitely worth a look. Cameron as an aspiring ‘mini’ Brodie Smith has been tirelessly practicing and practicing and practicing for hours and days on end throwing a Frisbee at a target with his dad patiently filming and fetching Frisbee. While filming has even copped a few Frisbee’s in the head as you’ll see what a dedicated dad all for capturing that magic moment. . Its a pretty funny video take a look but with a great message... persistence pays!

If you want to help your children develop life skills like good self esteem, resilience and persistence, check out my personal power home activity ebooks where your kids can learn skills in just 15 minutes at a time. 


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