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Teaching your children to conserve water in your home

Water is the basic building block for all life including humans, plants, insects and other animals on Earth, so without it we couldn’t exist. While over two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water, most of it, around 97 percent, is salt water held in the oceans and therefore only about 3 percent is freshwater. Of the freshwater, only about 1 percent is easily accessible, and the remaining 2 percent is stored in glaciers and icecaps. So as you can see, water is a valuable but scarce resource that needs to be conserved in order to support life. In this video Dr Rosina talks about the ways you can help your kids understand why it is important to conserve water for life and to protect the environment and teaches your children how to conserve water in your home. Less water wasted means more for the planet and less on your water bill. Win/Win! 


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