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The invisible load … making the invisible, visible for a happier and healthier life for the whole family!

When it comes to taking care of your home and your children would you say you’re happy with your share of responsibilities?


Do you feel like you’re doing way more than your fair share of unpaid work?

If you feel like you’re bearing the greater load and you’ve tried to get your partner to help and you simple feel like a nag and nothing seems to change…then this is the podcast for you!

First - you’re not alone!

Research shows that Australian women in a heterosexual relationship do significantly more unpaid domestic work - on average 5 to 14 hours a week when compared to their male partners who, on average, complete less than five hours a week. Shockingly, despite more women entering paid work, this trend hasn’t really changed for nearly 30 years.

In this podcast, parenting expert, Dr Rosina McAlpine and life coach and facilitator Heather Pye discuss the “invisible load” that many working women bear and how they can create a more equitable environment at home to support family wellbeing.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  1. What the invisible load is and how to make it visible (and delegatable! Is that even a word? LOL).

  2. That you’re not alone if you’re feeling overwhelmed with a greater burden of unpaid work and there is something you can do – even if you simply feel like a “nag” and you’ve tried everything in the past to no avail.

  3. Practical ways to make your invisible mental and physical load more visible and how to have meaningful and effective conversations with your partner to create a better balance of shared unpaid home management and child care.   

Heather Pye is a coach and facilitator with a passion for empowering women. Most importantly she has a wealth of personal experience about work and family life as a wife, mum of three kids and being in paid employment too!

This is a raw, fun and practical podcast, so have your note pad at the ready so you can write down the practical tips to plan and take steps towards a life that inspires and fulfils you and creates family wellbeing.

Connect with Dr Rosina and the team at Win Win Parenting

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