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Transitioning from Nap time

Do you need some help with managing nap time? If so please enjoy this interview with Katherine Feeney ABC Radio Brisbane

You'll learn about:

  • When do daytime naps start coming to an end? Is there a hard and fast rule about the right age?

  • What signs should we look out for that our toddlers are ready to stop napping?

  • Just how much sleep DO toddlers and preschool children need?

  • Best ways to “drop” a nap and easing the transition: shorter naps or stop them all together?  The idea of resting as opposed to napping?

  • Does ending daytime naps mean more grumpy time?

  • Earlier to bed at night once daytime naps come to an end?

  • What about parents?  Their daytime nap was also our daytime break ... What can we do for ourselves during the transition to ending the little ones' daytime nap? What is the most important thing for parents struggling to remember?

Hope you enjoy the interview!

Dr Rosina McAlpine


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