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Work-Life Balance: crafting a life you love living. Doing it for yourself & your family

Most parents today say they don’t have work-life balance. In this interview Dr Robyn Mills and Dr Rosina McAlpine discuss 5 keys to crafting and living a life you love- one that works for you and for your kids…the whole family.

Come join us and listen to this interview and learn more about going from a life that’s just okay to one that makes you shine – you owe it to yourself and your family!

Key 1: Take time to re-evaluate your life

The biggest break throughs in achieving work life balance begin with taking stock of all you, your kids and your family does. Most importantly identify things you can take out that aren’t important. Practical Parenting Tip: kids are often as overscheduled as parents. By reducing the number of unnecessary and unenjoyable things you all do, your family will make space for the things you love.

Key 2: Have a clear vision for yourself and your family

Now that you have some space – what will you fill it with? By sitting down with your kids and partner as a family, you can work out personal and family goals and create an inspiring vision – one that all members of the family are motivated to participate in. Setting goals and creating an empowering vision is a great life skill for your child.

Key 3: Make your changes small, incremental and systematic

Big life changes take time. Trying to do too much at once sets us up for failure. So make the changes small but significant and once you have them set – make another change. For example, if you have a health goal – how about swapping one drink per day with water and fruit instead of a processed snack. Have a plan and a system that will help everyone make the changes last. Positive parenting advice: take the time to record and appreciate even small achievements. This is motivating.

Key 4: Be OK with mistakes, setbacks and become resilient

We are creatures of habit and changes take time to become embedded in our life – especially if we’ve had bad habits like saying “yes” to everything when we really mean “no”! So, be kind to yourself if you don’t get it right, pick yourself up and keep going! Having a buddy (friend, partner, child or other family member) can really help keep you stay on track.

Key 5: Enjoy and be grateful your life every day.

Gratitude is SO important. Research shows people who are grateful live happier lives. When we focus on the wonderful positive things in our lives we are less likely to feel anxious, depressed or defeated. Seeing the positive helps us feel good about our lives and see a bright future.


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