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Yoga for kids – fun, relaxing and a healthy practice for life

In today’s fast-paced busy life everyone needs a break – parents, teachers and even the kids!

  • Stressed-out parents need simple tools to help their kids wind down at the end of the day and relax before bed, and

  • Our wonderful school teachers and pre-school teachers need something to help calm kids in the classroom.

  • Our beautiful children have to navigate all of the ups and downs in life and being able to manage stress, relax and wind down are important tools for life success.

Kids Yoga offers a simple, easy to use and fun practice that helps parents, teachers and children take a calming break together. Even if you’ve never done yoga before with a little help from Rebecca Schafer and Nancy Lawford-Miles from GOYOkids you’ll be up and running in no time… or should I say relaxing and enjoying down-time in no time!

If you’d like to learn more about the many healthy benefits of yoga for kids and how easy it is to start a daily yoga practice with children as young as 3 years old, then join parenting expert Dr Rosina as she uncovers the great ideas, tips, tools and resources that GoYoKids ( has to offer to make kids Yoga fun and educational in your home or classroom. 

By doing yoga with children you get to relax and they get to learn:

  • How to be still using fun yoga poses… being a tree, a turtle or riding on a magic carpet

  • To use their breath to calm– an important tool for managing emotions.

  • To listen carefully, increase their attention and follow instructions

  • Yoga is fun, healthy and a practice everyone can continue to use throughout life!

Listen to the podcast here and enjoy more peace, focus and fun in your classroom or home!


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